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A little background: A colleague and I decided we needed a bit of creative exercise to get through the rest of the day. Around 3 in the afternoon, we came up with one word - midnight - and both of us had half an hour to come up with a verse around it.

Below is what I wrote.

Midnight - Poetry by Haem Roy


Short strokes painted across untiring eyes,

Engulfing a calm,

A scenery that knows no shades.

Black is black and all is dark.

She walks down th

e ascending road,

Piercing the silence with sharp heels,

Smoke filled in her mind,

Her breath clear as the night.

Crinkled memories of the path she walks,

Muffled voices behind curta

ins closed hours ago,

Stories swept under the carpets of quiet,

Don’t ask, don’t tell, just stack the mind.

Both hands entwine, the wind chimes,

The streets are hers now.

Seducing the suns away from their skies,

They nicknamed her ‘Midnight’.

- © Haem Roy

May 2014.

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