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I am

I am that lone tree on the mountain top

Swaying by the sea

I am the wave that crashes the rock

Taking back a bit of sand with me

I was the bird in the flock

Moving together flying ahead

I was the anchored ship

Bobbing restless swaying yet still 

I am the streak of red bloom

At the edge of the field

I am the snow capped mountain peak

That refuses the summer

I find me drifting away with the clouds

Away from the skies away from the ground

I find me rooted to the earth

As the wind around me moves around

The heart sealed away in the oysters

The mind wandering with the stars

I find me rising and setting like the sun

I am the leaf that has left the branch

Aimlessly drifting into the wild

I am the flame once at the doorstep

That has found a forest to ashen

- © Haem Roy

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