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The quick guide to buying the best location-based media for your brand

No one knows the brand better than the brand managers and brand marketers themselves. They know the habits of consumers, consumer journeys, what makes them tick and what they don’t like. The next step is to reach that consumer you know very well.

A great and impactful way to do so is Location Based advertising. If your brand has a key demographic, location-based advertising lets you target your communication to that primary demographic in a concentrated way. Rather than risk overspill and hence lower ROI, location-based advertising makes sure you are spending your marketing budget on showing your ad to just the consumers it interests.

Alright, so you have decided to invest in location-based media. But how can you ensure you get the maximum bang for your buck? Here is a quick guide – from one brand marketer to another.

Pick the right location

Your consumers frequent several places during the course of their journey. But it is key to pick the locations they spend the most time at, and the places where they are most likely to view your message. A fleeting glance will not do your communication any good. For example, when speaking to a female demographic, our clients choose the Rouge Women’s network because a woman spends an average of 45 minutes to 2 hours at a salon every visit, with plenty of time during that visit to view the ad in its entirety and maybe even think about it or search about the product online. That’s a marker of a good location for your brand to be in.

Give them an incentive

Location based advertising is not bombarding a mass message. It is specifically telling a certain consumer about something they are interested in. And the best way to push them closer to purchase is to offer them an incentive when you have their undivided attention. When given a coupon, or sale offer or a special discount, consumers are more likely to remember your brand and move it to the top of their list of considerations. If not a sweet deal, give them something to engage with. For example, they can scan a QR code or text a number to get a deal or get more information. The important part here is to incite them to further engage with your brand.

Customize the communication

A TVC or poster will not fail to be noticed in a specially selected location. However, why stop there when you can go a step further and make it memorable for longer? A sure-fire way to build good recall for your brand is to offer entertaining and customized communication. Branded content is a great way to start this. Local cues and references are another good option. For example, you could offer tips about a topic that is related, or you could make a short film, or even just refer to the weather and connect it back to your brand. Or even build an emotional connection through something they are passionate about. I always say, start with your consumer insight and find what is entertaining for that consumer, and then find the sweet spot where it matches your brand. That’s your connection.

Don’t stop there

Make it an experience for your consumer. Offer free samples to drive them to purchase or re-target them so they don’t forget within the next 48 hours. As most top marketers and brands know, the key to leading the market is not to remind consumers about you in a big way once in a while, but to ensure you are never forgotten in the first place.

Location based advertising is a great medium for your brand to stand in the spotlight, and speak directly to your target audience. What will you do with the stage you are given?

Connect with us if you want to know more about location-based advertising, or advertise in any of our targeted networks, or even just chat and get our recommendations.


This article was originally written for Rouge Media's blog.

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